House Washing
House Washing
Clean and simple. Cost effective. Longer life span.

Exterior House Wash in Auckland

Worried about getting the exterior of your house cleaned because you cannot tolerate that layer of dust anymore? Well, the cleaning services from Auckland Premium Painters is the best in the town if you want your old, shining, tidy houses back. We employ the most effective techniques to wash your houses so that it does not hamper the life of the paint and damage anything else. We aim at providing the best services at affordable rates and make all efforts to give impeccable results. Not only do we clean the walls and the exterior of the house, we also clean up the fences, and paths and get rid of any moulds, or mosses in the vicinity of the house.

Exterior House Washing Service in Auckland

We know you would want your house gleaming and tidy always. But with time it begins to lose its beauty, all thanks to the layer of dirt and other impurities that tend to settle down on the surface of the walls. In this case, all you need to do is to hire a professional exterior house cleaning service that will restore your house to its previous beauty. At Auckland Premium Painters, we do exactly the same. With years of experience in this field and a team full of experts who are almost perfect at their work, and the usage of only the top quality products, we will ensure that we do a thorough cleaning of the exterior of the house including the fences, paths and eradication of any kind of dirt on the exterior.

Selling your house? Or just wanting to improve the appearance?
  • Low pressure house washing
  • Water blasting
  • Moss, Mould , Liken Prevention
  • Chemical washing
  • Paths cleaned
  • Fences, Decks cleaned
Cost Effective & Beneficial

Low pressure house washing is one of the most affordable and cost effective ways to improve the property’s looks. This will also maintain the life of the paint work. Keep your biggest asset protected with exterior housing cleaning services from Auckland Premium Painters. Our exterior house cleaning services in Auckland will have your home looking it’s best. When you see the end result, you’ll know we do the job right the first time.

Attention to Details

Shack Shine provides comprehensive house washing to scrub away mildew, dirt, and stains aging your home and potentially damaging the structure. We use a mixture of water-fed poles, low-pressure rinsing, and scrubbing by hand to create the deep-down clean your home wants. Our service includes moving and replacing any outdoor furniture to ensure we can provide a proper cleaning.

We offer free quote and consultation on painting whether commercially or residential throughout New Zealand.
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