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We apply specialist Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Anti-Graffiti Coatings in Auckland

Graffiti artists are attracted towards broadwalls, having a large surface area for them to display their artistic skills. Whereas graffiti is a beautiful form of art that is meant to beautify the walls but if you do not want any such art impressions on your wall, you need to take steps to ensure no such art pieces come up on your walls.

When a wall has just got a graffiti removed, it will be difficult to make another one on it almost immediately. So when you are aiming to get your walls treated with an anti graffiti coating, you need to hire the best hands in business. Auckland Premium Painters have been in this domain since years in Auckland and use all the latest techniques in the market to give you walls that cannot be marked by any graffiti artist. Not only do we have expert workforce for anti graffiti coating projects, but also we only use the best quality products that will have a long lasting effect on the wall that requires the coating. We understand how the exterior of an premises is important for its first impression, and we will make sure your exteriors are intact.

We can apply specialist Anti-Graffiti Coatings to protect your property from vandalism and facilitate easy removal.
Effective Solution

Graffitists are attracted to broadwall areas with high visibility, particularly those that are rarely cleaned, as these walls present a more permanent showcase for their “art” or tags. It is a well-known fact that where graffiti is removed almost immediately, subsequent graffiti is much slower to appear, as such areas are not deemed to be worth the effort. Also, tags are more likely to appear on walls already carrying tags, as the ego of the graffitist will not allow a rival’s tag to remain unchallenged. So, an effective plan against graffiti must include (among other things) an effective graffiti prevention coating system that allows rapid removal of the offending graffiti.

Graffiti Prevention

The graffiti medium used, whether an aerosol spray can or heavy-duty marker, will differ from others in terms of difficulty of removal due to materials present in the formulation. Formulation differences also occur between different brands of the one generic type of medium used, resulting in differences in ease (or difficulty) of graffiti removal. Higher quality brands will generally contain superior raw materials such as more durable resins, and more fade-resistant pigments. Low quality brands may contain lower levels of pigment and resin and have poor coverage, or may tend to sag or run more, resulting in thinner, more easily removed graffiti.

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